About Us

North Jersey Outreach provides comprehensive in-home programs for training in language, socialization, behavior and motor skills for children and teens. All of our therapy programs are goal-driven and individualized for each child. Our experienced therapists work with children who may be diagnosed with

  • Pervasive Development Disorders
  • Autism
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Communication Delays

Our experienced staff is registered and licensed by the State of New Jersey; many of the therapists have additional training in specialty areas. We provide a wide variety of specialized assessments and treatment techniques. Our programs are unique to each child’s developmental needs.

Parents and caretakers receive training and support from certified instructors and trained paraprofessionals to continue their child’s program on a daily basis in the comfort of their own home. North Jersey Outreach facilitators also can work with families to begin an effective transition into preschool programs as a child approaches his or her third birthday.


North Jersey Outreach in-home facilitators are certified special education teachers or fully-trained paraprofessionals. Our speech-language, occupational and physical therapists are all accredited by their respective organizations and the New Jersey Department of Education.